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by The Boatswain | November 22nd, 2005

One of the things I learned while at the guerrilla camp was that I COULDN’T eat the monkeys the Moros would cook on branches over the fires! They looked too much like little humans cooking! UGH! —

Johnny and I were detailed to go to the northern coast of Mindoro (across the Straits from Luzon) as part of MacArthur’s promise to return, and also to see if the little harbor at the town of Puerto Galera, was clear of mines. (Which it wasn’t, as it had two anchored mines that we destroyed later.)

We were put aboard another PT boat and headed for the town, where we were welcomed warmly and set up in the Mayor’s house. The people were terrific and couldn’t do enough for us. I sure wish I’d had a camera. Years later I returned to the town, and took some pictures, but it wasn’t the same. One young man, about 14 or 15 at the time, was especially friendly and helpful. I met him again on my return there. He had become a Captain in the Constabulary. (I’ll say more when I reach those years!)

One of those fabulous PT Boats!

One of those fabulous PT Boats!

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