Crossroads of the Pacific

by The Boatswain | January 11th, 2006

Canton Island was on its last legs as an overnight stop for aircraft. The JET AGE was starting and the range of the planes had been extended to where it wasn’t a paying proposition. It was used a few times in later years as a location for a NASA tracking station, a station for tracking missile tests, etc. We were the last Navy crew and soon were back to Hawaii and other duties; The Island now is called Kanton, and is part of the Republic of Kiribati, which consists of most of the island groups in the south central Pacific, with its capital on the island of Tarawa. Both the US and Great Britain have ceded all control to them.

Here are a few more pictures of my time there.

Note the little “high tech” box camera! This is in front of our Quonset and the tank on the left was for fresh water from desalination or tankers! (No wells!) To get film developed we would ask an air crewman on either a flight to Australia or Hawaii to get it done for us!


Every so often we had to run the engines full speed to burn out carbon that accumulated at lower speeds.


Did I say the dog like to ride with us?

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