Headed east, finally!

by The Boatswain | February 11th, 2006

When I left the Alshain with orders to report to the Severin River Command in Annapolis, MD. I was going to drive my Lincoln Zephyr. There were a few guys also getting leave and they went along with me, so I could drop them off in a few spots along the way. I remember one was in Atlanta and another in New Jersey, so they weren’t out of the way. As I mentioned before, we didn’t have any freeways and most roads were only two lanes. Usually they were bigger when you were near a city.
After going to Fall River and picking up Ellen and Bobby, we headed for Annapolis and were given housing in another Quonset hut. I reported in and was assigned as skipper of a YP (Yard Patrol) boat, which was used to teach the Midshipmen about ship handling and mooring, etc.

This was my boat.

This was my boat.

The YP’s were also used when the Middies had their rowing races, to carry sightseers behind the shells and follow the races. It was not too bad as the Severin River emptied into the Chesapeake Bay, giving miles of enough water to roam on.

This is across the river from the Academy.

This is across the river from the Academy.

When we’d follow boat races, the Middies or officers would have front row seats to follow the action, while my crew and I would do the operating of the boat and make sure we didn’t run into anyone else.


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