The Mediterranean cruise continues.

by The Boatswain | November 14th, 2006

During the remainder of the Mediterranean cruise we carried on as usual. Flight operations were conducted night and day, and every few days we would rendezvous with a tanker to reload aviation fuel and, sometimes, fuel for our engines. (With today’s nuclear carriers, this is mostly an aviation fuel requirement, and since they don’t carry ship’s fuel, I imagine they have MUCH more avgas aboard!)

Along side a tanker, taking on fuel.

Along side a tanker, taking on fuel.

When a tanker wasn’t handy, we would also have to pass fuel to our escorts, as they burned a lot running around us, and, while WE might ride smooth and quiet, the escorts would be ‘rocking and rolling’ and fighting the seas! The sailors on the escorts were great guys!

USS Picking (DD-685) coming along side for a "drink".

USS Picking (DD-685) coming along side for a "drink".

Our flight deck crew and the “FLYBOYS” earned their pay, too! There were still no jets, only PROP JOBS.

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