by The Boatswain | December 25th, 2006

After I had been appointed a Warrant Officer, I was sent a set of orders to another Carrier, the USS Bennington, to be their Ship’s Boatswain. She was scheduled to go on an exercise to Hawaii, then return to San Diego and I was told I could even go to Hawaii with her, or wait until her returned. It turned out that the officer I was to be relieving was the one who made me miss Carl’s birth and he wanted to be relieved early and NOT sail for HAWAII! HAH! Fat chance! I chose to wait for her return and let HIM wait to go home again!

USS Bennington (CVS-20)

USS Bennington passing the Arizona in Pearl Harbor

After she returned, I reported aboard and was given a stateroom and introduced to my fellow warrants. We had our own mess and stewards and it was a nice bunch of men I was with.

USS Bennington's Warrant Officer's Mess

Warrant Officer's Mess

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