USS Mark (AKL-12)

The USS Mark (AKL-12), was a light cargo ship attached to Service Force, 7th Fleet. She carried cargo and passengers to various units of that fleet operating in the Philippines area. In 1965 she transferred from the Philippines to Vietnam. She was decommissioned and transferred to the Chinese Navy in Taiwan in 1971.

USS Mark (AKL-12)

USS Mark (AKL-12)

One of the Bosun’s biggest disappointments was that, from 1956 to 1965 the Mark was in an “out of commission in service” status, which meant that the Bosun did not qualify for a command at sea pin. This was made more frustrating, because soon after he passed the command to his successor, she was placed in a full commissioned status and the commander at that time, a lieutenant, received his pin.  Warrants are always short changed.

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